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24/7 Monitoring

Computer Technologies Workstation Monitoring means that you can rest assured that your PC’s and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each morning. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime – and can fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day.

Workstation Health Checks

By running non-invasive software on your devices, we can check that your antivirus is up to date and that your network is protected, monitor the status of basic Windows services, check storage media health and space, detect unauthorized login attempts.

Patch Management

Keeping up with the latest computer security standards is a never ending job. With this in mind, we remain vigilant in installing the latest security patches to keep your digital data safe.


If there’s a problem, we’ll receive an Instant Alert showing the cause of the problem, and we’ll see it on our Dashboard almost instantly. Applying preventative maintenance on a daily basis leads to a rapid, accurate response to problems and dramatically reduced downtime.

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System Administration

Remote Access

At the click of a button, we can remotely connect to your device instantly respond to our customer requests.

Network Optimization

Make your business more efficient! We can network computers to allow the sharing of files, printers, and other hardware devices. Setup and configure all types of computers, terminals, printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices.

Software Installation

Relieve yourself of any trouble trying to install software and work with vendors.

Firewall Implementation & Management

Our experience with the Sophos firewall appliance allows us to provide a stable and secure solution to protect your business from cyber threats.

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Hardware Services

Peripheral Installations and Updates

Operate fast with the latest hardware

Computer Repair

If any of your computers fail, we are urgent in our response to repair the device. You can expect prompt and stable service when it comes to any failing hardware.

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Consulting Services

Equipment Purchase and Recomendations

When in need of a product, we deal with the vendors and implement the service.


Branch Moves/Office Setups

Opening a new office? Moving an existing one? Count on us to migrate your current technology driven workspace to a new location. The same can be expected when starting from scratch.

Physical Infrastructure

We offer complete cabling and equipment termination services that can keep your network on a stable track. You can expect reliable digital traffic flow for your business.

Network Installs and Site Auditing

We design and implement a network to fulfill your business needs. You can expect us to work within the parameters of regulatory organizations that may need full documentation of your network devices. Ask and we can provide a visual topology or a list.

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Disaster Recovery

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safely stored offsite at our two state-of-the-art, mirrored data centers and always easily accessible to you, 24/7. Computer Technologies Group, Inc's Remote Data Backups is the best solution for safeguarding your computer against ALL common data loss and system failure risks that traditional backup methods can't.

Is your DATA safe?

Protect your most valuable asset with the most cost-effective, automated, secure and reliable offsite backup solution available.

Media Sanitation

Protect your company from a data breach by utilizing our storage media sanitation solutions. We comply with Department of Defense standards for legal data-destruction. Do you have old storage media laying around? Before disposal, make sure you're business is not at risk of a leak of company information.

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Web Design

Content Prioritization

Get the point across to your customers. We can build a site that directs users to the content you deem most important.

Mobile First

Customers can access your website from their phone while maintaining an experience on par with its desktop counter-part.


Our responsive design tactics will craft a site that is user-friendly and accessible to all of your customers.

Web Service Consulting

We will work with your and the domain brokers to secure the name you need to represent your business online. You can also expect us to find a hosting plan that fits your needs. Bring inter-communication to your employees through company email addresses!

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